James Victore’s Aphorisms Collection

“Kill the critic.” and “You become who you pretend to be.” are only some of the advice included in the “James Victore: Aphorisms on Art & Idea Execution” collection. Until May 25th, the installation featuring the work of designer James Victore will be on display at the Ace Hotel’s gallery in midtown Manhattan, in partnership with the 99U Conference. Each piece features an aphorism “on the nature of art, design and the creative process,” written in bright, orange type over painted still-life or nature scenes.

Victore art show

Victore is an accomplished and award-winning designer whose work has been featured at MoMA and in the Library of Congress, to name a few, and he is also an author and professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. With a long, successful career, it’s no wonder that he is able to dispense some witty wisdom.

In a recent interview with 99Ublog, Victore describes his daily schedule and explains the important lessons he imparts to his students (which are applicable to all of us):

Being conscious of your habits is one – and creating good habits. Being conscious of your peers, the people you’re around. You know, there are some people in your life who are like zombies [Victore raises his arms straight out, speaks in monotone] “Be like us…” and they are some people who are good for you. So you have to look around every once in a while and take stock. You might even be married to a zombie!


Sometimes we need a little sage advice to get us back on track. Or to get us to realize that the zombie apocalypse may already be upon us.




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