Know Your HOW Conference Speakers

So, for those of you playing along with our earlier quiz about the HOW Conference speakers and their, um, interesting bios, here’s who’s who:

Allan Haley fetched cannoli every day for his supervisors.

Justin Ahrens art-directed Alice Cooper (Alice told Justin to back off, that he knew what he was doing on-set).

Stefan Mumaw runs urban adventures in KC.

Ken Carbone got to interview the likes of Muhammad Ali for his book, “Virtuoso.”

Gail Anderson was the Michael Jackson fan.

Pentagram gave Armin Vit a paycheck.

Mike Perry’s first design job was with Urban Outfitters.

Marcia Hoeck would be an animal trainer if she wasn’t a designer.

Maria Giudice landed her first design job working for Richard Saul Wurman.

Tate Linden considers his case of ADD to be his best design tool.

Posted by Bryn