Meet the HOW Conference Speakers

Here’s a little game we’ll call, Know Your HOW Conference Speakers. See if you can identify which speaker from this year’s HOW lineup matches up with these little bio tidbits. Who …

… made the afternoon bakery run to buy cannoli for the pressmen as an apprentice typesetter?

… art-directed a photoshoot with Alice Cooper?

… runs urban adventures — a mix of “Amazing Race,” “National Treasure” and “DaVinci Code” — in his hometown?

… calls interviewing the likes of Muhammed Ali, Nadia Comaneci, Robin Williams and Dale Chihuly a “life-changing experience”?

… created her own fan-zines for the Partridge Family and Michael Jackson as a kid?

… was hired by Michael Bierut for a paid position at Pentagram, even though he would have worked for free?

… scored a right-out-of-school first design job with Urban Outfitters?

… would be an animal trainer if she wasn’t a designer?

… landed her first design job working for Richard Saul Wurman?

… considers his case of ADD to be his best design tool?

Stay tuned this afternoon, and I’ll post the answers.

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