Labor Of Love

Designer Dustin Friesen was undaunted by his tiny $50 budget. He would have the business card of dreams no matter what. So he put a tone of hard work and love into the design and the results speak for themselves.

“This was a fairly ambitious undertaking, especially with my minuscule personal budget. I wanted to create a business card that was inviting to the viewer and also highlights my personal logo, and what better way than a hexagonal shaped card? The process for producing these cards was quite an involving one. Having the design, but being limited by budget, I pursued every alternative to my initial overly expensive plans I could think of. I purchased the #110 Crane’s paper, printed each side digitally through a local University Press, adheared the two separate sides of the card together myself (resulting in 220#DTC) and endeavored to do all of the die-cutting by hand with a rottary paper cutter. In the end it took about 1 hour of personal labor for everything per 50 printed cards – I even had a little help from my friends. Considering my final cost was just under $50, this was well worth it, and at times it was even enjoyable.”

via Lovely Stationery

0 thoughts on “Labor Of Love

  1. Lizelly

    these look fabulous!!! being constantly tied down by small budgets myself, I know exactly what it is to wear many hats in the design and production process. These business cards look as professionally printed as the real thing. Great job!!