Landor’s “LumenoCity” Lit It Up

You may have seen videos, especially when it’s closer to the holidays, where some programming-minded person turns their house into a light show by timing their holiday lights up with music. These tend to be a interesting display of color and sound, but they have nothing on Landor Associate’s “LumenoCity.”

Last weekend, Landor teamed up with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for a “photo-choreographed” architectural projection in the city’s Washington Park area. According to Landor, LumenoCity is the first time a live symphony orchestra has been used in conjunction with an architectural projection.
luminosity1 Lumenocity1

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LumenoCity was a multi-dimensional design project that, from a block away, projected  400,000 lumens of light over the audience. The 40 minute animated light show, accompanied by the live symphony orchestra, was done in real-time. Dan Reynolds, the creative director of Media Design at Landor Associates, told us about the event:

We had 37,000 people show up for LumenoCity—so many more than expected! There was not enough food, and it was hot and crowded. But the sound bytes we’ve heard all weekend are stunning, captivating, moving, soul stirring and magic. That is what we strive to do,  enrich the senses and tap into emotions.  This is a big example of how emotion can transcend any other lever you pull in marketing.

Lumenocity4 Lumenocity5

As a global strategic brand consulting and design firm, Landor’s LumenoCity was another example of their out-of-the-box approach. And they set the bar high for future architectural projections. I don’t think I’ll be attempting a holiday light show any time soon.


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