Laser Cut Letters

Nando Costa, a Brazilian designer living and working in Portland, OR, recently created this amazing laser-cut alphabet poster as a personal project. You can order one for yourself for $45.

I have always been interested in artwork that has meaning, images that can be looked at for long periods of time so you can constantly find new secrets, realize particular alignments and so on. This very delicate and intricate ABC poster allows children to explore a piece of a forest and find letters amongst vegetation, insects, the sky and forest ground. It was laser-cut on a Starch White, 140lb Muscletone Paper from French Paper Company. The poster is approximately 12 x 12 inches and does not come with the black backing you see on these photographs. Instead it will be shipped with a random colorful backing that you may or may not choose to use when hung.

via French Paper Sample Room

0 thoughts on “Laser Cut Letters

  1. shawn

    So very cool. I definitely need to look into laser cutting a bit more. I’ve worked with plotters and of course hand cutting stencils with an x-atco, but the detail is amazing on this poster. Would love to create some work like this for myself and clients.