Learning to Draw, Daily

Does anyone else of a certain age remember Ed Emberley‘s drawing books? Ed has written and illustrated about 80 children’s books, notably his drawing workbooks. I distinctly remember having the “Great Thumbprint Drawing Book” from the late ’70s, in which you started by touching your thumb to an ink pad, stamping it on the page and then using simple lines and shapes to turn it into an animal or character. And I’m pretty sure I had “Make a World,” too. Designers, if you have kids and want to help them learn how to draw (and have some fun yourselves), these books are fantastic. Find them in Ed Emberley’s shop on Amazon.

I still can’t draw for anything, but Ed’s simple style and tutorials make me want to pick up some felt-tip markers and have at it. I think I need Ed’s 2010 Make A World Calendar (which you can buy here).

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