Little Snapper

Designer Samantha Warren just shared an awesome new tool for collecting visual inspiration on her blog. She’s using LittleSnapper to keep track of and organize all the cool things she finds online.

There are two factors that make LittleSnapper the solution for me:

It seamlessly integrates into my work flow.
I have the icon in my dock, when I see something I snap it. It
provides fields for all the information that makes that “snap” useful
to me. There is a field for the web address, description, and
descriptive tags. I hardly have to go out of my way to document a
really cool piece of design. My only suggestion for improvement here
would be a tag suggestion feature… its hard to remember if I am using
the tag “Packaging” vs “Package Design” when I am in a hurry.

It has an online gallery component that creates an RSS feed.
While I could set little snapper up to integrate with my Flickr
account, personally I want to keep my Flickr for photos and personal
design pieces, and have a separate area just for inspirational work of other
designers. Having it online is essential for me because I may want to
pull it up in a pinch to show clients or students and I would also like
to share it with you guys. The fact that an RSS feed is generated adds
a whole other component to it that I would like to play with further.
Eventually  I would like to pull the RSS feed to my blog to display
selected pieces of inspiration.

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