Live Art @ HOW Design Live

Appleton Coated will host two visual artists—Chris Gliebe and Molly Zakrajsek— both creating original 200-square-foot murals at the Utopia and Curious Collection exhibit spaces during the HOW Design Conference.

With broad lines and bright colors, Molly Z. will create artwork for the Utopia exhibit space. The Utopia family of coated papers boldly presents extra-bright, ultra-smooth surface sheets that make images and illustrations seem to pop off the page. The six Utopia product lines range from the elegance of Utopia Premium to hardworking Utopia Three.

Gliebe’s graffiti art and motion graphics design background create both physical and conceptual movement to capture Curious Collection‘s versatility and tactility. From shimmer and shine to subtle and see-through, Curious Collection features a full offering Curious Metallics, Curious Translucents, Curious Touch, Curious Particles and Skin Curious Collection.

The original artwork created by Gliebe and Zakrajsek during the HOW Design Conference will be presented to a conference attendee through a random drawing held on June 26. Selected pieces also will be digitally printed as limited-edition posters and notecards.

Chris Gliebe

Molly Z