Living The High Life

My favorite cheap beer has gotten and expensive-looking makeover from the folks at Landor. I’ve long argued that if you’re going to drink cheap beer, you should make it a High Life.

Once the flagship brand for Miller Brewing Company, Miller High Life had over time been repositioned as a below-premium beer that belied both its product quality and rich 100+ year-old heritage. In order to improve consumer perception, we contemporized and better leveraged its revered and iconic brand elements—the Miller High Life Soft Cross and the Girl in the Moon. The new visual identity allows the brand to stretch beyond the below-premium category into a more premium territory that we think positions the brand to reclaim its iconic status.

via The Dieline

0 thoughts on “Living The High Life

  1. Sue

    OK, I will admit that’s a nice redesign… but the emotional part of me is sad about losing the old label! Ah well. As long as the Champagne of Beers stays “below premium.”