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  1. James

    I appreciate the design of the logos may I share with you something that a bit out of the ordinary

    I’d like to share with you the core principles a logo design. Saul Bass: A guru designer who created the AT&T logo and united way created a formula and called it communication 101- IT ‘s a credibility-based formula.

    When design a logo we must not let ego (corporate vanity get in the way) it’s neither about the designer nor about the company. a successful corporate identity must solely employ the credibility-based formula to achieve memorability. e.g Nike

    I’d like to invite you to explore this PDF file (http://btoone.com/cognitive-response-measurement.pdf ) that explains in depth the importance of cognition that had become the main ROI generator for leading corporations worldwide.

    COGNITIVE RESPONSE MEASUREMENT the revolutionary neuro-cocktail
    that penetrates deep and help you get intimate with the consumer’s brain.

    Whether it is a logo, an AD, website, a billboard Tv commercial, we now have the latest weaponry to enter the human brain abyss and and connect the neurons that ignite the L.T.M ( long term memory)

    You will uncover the mysteries of the human cerebral system. and understand in depth The brain “mental workspace” ruled by relevance.

    In the mean time, I invite you to explore this link at you tube
    that diplays a few credibility-based logo design: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atgkuDsSkv8