Logo Trends

LogoLounge is back with it’s ninth annual trends report. Pay attention: This is what they’re seeing a lot of, so you should probably start looking in some different directions!

It feels like what people believe a logo to be is also becoming more transcendent. A logo is no longer a single piece of flat art. It can be a favicon, an icon, or an entire set of marks that work together to support the team. Its boundaries have become less strict as well. There was a time when most logos could be enclosed in a simple hand-drawn square, circle or similar geometric shape, but now many logos drag outside those outlines. They just don’t want to fit the old mold.

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0 thoughts on “Logo Trends

  1. lauerworks

    keep in mind the logo now has to fit in many smaller spaces than it used to (with new forms of media – i.g; iphone etc.). Breaking too far out of the square and circle at a small point size could make your logo look like nothing more than fly p##p. It happened to me! no-one wants their brand represented that way. Change is good, but don’t throw out wisdom for fancy.

  2. Graphic Zen

    Thanks for sharing your post…Amazing Logo like an Origami..Another yet an important element of your website’s overall appearance/performance. Your logo must reflect your company and the kind of services you offer. It is important that your company logo is designed professionally and that it mirrors your professionalism and quality of service..