Looking For Inspired Folding For New Book

Here’s your chance to be showcased in a first-of-its-kind book about innovative folded solutions for print.

What are we looking for? We are looking for brochure folds in particular, rather than books or packaging—this would include folded marketing materials, direct mail, promotion, invitations and special events. We want to see well-designed and well-produced low-budget tricks, high budget folding splurges, interesting die-cuts combined with folding techniques, effective folding solutions for digital print and direct mail, unique specialty folds, and more.

Please consider searching through your portfolios and sample rooms for great folded solutions to send, and please forward this post to any friends/colleagues/contacts who you think might be interested in participating.

For more information or to submit work, please contact trish@foldfactory.com

0 thoughts on “Looking For Inspired Folding For New Book

  1. Lisa Youngdahl

    I often refer to Trish’s book, “A Field Guide to Folding” for innovative ideas for my clients who want a different look for their brochure. Different folds can make a printed piece more noticeable, and doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot.