Lots of Design News

Wow, with the HOW conference recently, magazine deadlines and strategic planning sessions, we’ve let the news items pile up in the ol’ inbox. Here’s what you need to know:

• You may have seen these guys at the Conference (and you’ll no doubt be hearing more from them): Ansca Inc., a new startup led by 2 former Adobe veterans, announced Corona, a software solution for creating mobile applications for the iPhone. Corona got quite a bit of buzz in Austin — it removes many technical barriers and allows designers themselves to build apps. Ansca has an Early-Adopter program that offers access to demos, screenshots and other helps.

• Sappi has extended the entry deadline for its Ideas That Matter grant program to July 31. Find out more about this program, which supports design projects for social causes. Sappi recently partnered with Project M (designer John Bielenberg’s intensive summer design program) at the HOW Conference in Austin. Conference attendees could submit an idea for a socially minded design project; Houston designer Jenny Leonard proposed the winning concept of “Living Life to its Fullest.” Project M will implement Leonard’s concept in the coming months.

• Monotype Imaging added to its ITC Legacy series, with seven fonts in the Square Serif family and seven fonts in the Serif Condensed family; the entire Legacy series (based on a Nicolas Jenson design from the 1470s) now includes 35 designs. Type designer Ronald Arnholm created the new fonts; they’re available from Fonts.com and other sources.

Masterfile.com is offering 10% off purchases of stock photos through August 15.

• Version 6 of FontCreator
debuted in June; new features in the Professional Edition for graphic
designers include batch transformation that automatically creates
bold/italic/etc. versions of a font, plus a real-time validation
function that double-checks your design for common mistakes.

• Extensis released Portfolio Server 9,
with additional features including a web client that allows large
organizations to deliver assets and manage media via the web. The tool
plays well with Adobe products; the new Java-based server architecture
is more stable.

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