Love Letters To Hamilton Wood Type

Orlando-based letterpress printer Mama’s Sauce has created a cool design project to support the Hamilton Wood Type & Print Museum in their move to a new location. They teamed up with seven talented designers to create a set of coasters celebrating A, E, I, O, U, & and Y. They’re currently accepting pre-orders and the letterpress coasters are due to ship 1/25/13.

We’re pleased as punch to give a first look at the artwork contributed for Love Letters! $22 of the $25 purchase price from this set of letterpress printed coasters will go to help sustain the Hamilton Wood Type & Print Museum. Paper for the coasters and packaging has been generously donated by Neenah Paper and French Paper Co.

The star-studded roster of contributing artists is as follows:

A: Fuzzco

E: Justin Mezzell

I: Aaron Draplin

O: Dana Tanamachi

U: Jon Contino

&: Jessica Hische

Y: Ross Moody

Love Letters for Hamilton Wood Type

Love Letters for Hamilton Wood Type

via Design Work Life

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