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Kitsune Noir posted about the logo designs of a mysterious Flickr user called Super Furry this morning. These things are seriously gorgeous and I had to know who was behind the work, so I googled around, found an email address and sent off a message.

Turns out, all the work was created by an Austin, TX-based designer named
Simon Walker. I asked Simon to tell me a little bit more about himself and here’s what he said:

I work in the design group at GSD&M in Austin, Texas. I do freelance from time to time, but try (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep it to a minimum. I can be reached at for work.

Went to the University of North Texas for communication design: 
graduated in the fall of 1999. Worked at 2 agencies in Dallas before moving to Austin to work at GSD&M in 2002. Been there ever since, except for one brief stint at a small agency in San Antonio for a year (which was actually responsible for most of the logos you may have seen).

Thanks again for the compliments – I have no true idea how I developed my style. I’ve always been obssessed with letters, starting with graffiti as a kid in England (I moved to the States in 88). Got into calligraphy for a bit, then discovered graphic design in 96. I like to keep my style clean and precise – even when it’s roughened in any way, it’s very deliberate. Every notch and scratch is accounted for. Maybe I’m OCD. A lot of designers are, I think.

I love logos for the challenge: there’s sometimes nothing more 
intimidating than a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper in the 
first stages of logo development, but the minute you nail the concept is a sweet moment. Then you get to execute it, play around with style, and that’s the fun part.

My main inspiration, otherwise, has been T-shirt art. I love T-shirt illustrations – they’re almost like logos in a way, telling a story or 
communicating a feeling in one brief encounter on the street or at the store. I’ve been inspired by more illustrators and designers involved in T-shirt design around the world than nearly anyone else.

Thanks for sharing more about yourself, Simon. Be sure to check out his collection of logos on Flickr.

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