Make Your Mark

Whether you’re a recent design grad, about to start a freelance business or want to look for a new job in design, you need to develop a personal brand to sell yourself and your skills. And being your own client is no easy task.Making Your Mark: How to design an identity system That’s why HOW Design University is offering a new course taught by former HOW Art Director Amy (Hawk) Peck, who is now a design professor, called Making Your Mark: How to Design an Identity System.

The first course began 10/1, but you can still sign up and catch up with the lessons through 10/7. The course will be offered again starting 10/29 and 11/26.



Need to build an identity system from the ground up? Instructor and former HOW art director, Amy Peck, will take you through the logo design and branding process in this course. You’re not going to be designing logos for fake companies—the entity you’ll be branding is yourself! After you design your logo, Peck will teach you how to build a full identity system with it. You’ll learn how to make decisions about naming, symbols, color and type, and you’ll design items you’ll be proud to use. Whether you’re freelancing, submitting cover letters and resumes, or running a business on the side, this course will help you express your personal design style and teach you a lot about identity design along the way.

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