Making Meaning

HOW Conference keynoter Rob Walker sent us a link last week (which we’re late in posting) to a new project he and Joshua Glenn have launched called Significant Objects. The very cool premise: Glenn and Walker find oddball objects at tag sales and antique shops, and then ask noted writers to create a fictional history about those objects. “Voila! An unremarkable, castoff thingamajig has suddenly become a “significant” object!” Then, the object and its “backstory” are sold on eBay.

Writer Susannah Breslin wrote a charming account of a son finding this button among his late father’s belongings and imagining how he’d come to own it.

Other writers set to participate include Bruce Sterling, Kurt Anderson, Todd Pruzan and Curtis Sittenfeld.

This is a creative exercise designers can try — take an everyday object from your office and imagine a history for it.

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