Mall of America’s New Logo and Rebranding

Rebranding work is always interesting to me because it usually involves so many elements, such as combining a company’s history with contemporary design elements. Okay, I’ll come clean, I enjoy before and after scenarios, especially when it involves a well-known entity, such as the Mall of America. To rebrand the Mall of America for its 20th anniversary, the folks at Duffy & Partners had to take into account the history of the world’s largest retail complex.

Mall of America Interior

Mall of America Interior

Not to mention that the Mall of America and it’s logo have become iconic. So, Duffy & Partners tackled the rebranding by creating a new, contemporary logo and brand identity while staying true to the Mall of America’s original star and banner logo.

And as a “curator of popular culture,” it was also important for Duffy & Partners to show that the Mall of America is more than a shopping destination through the new logo and through the promotional merchandise (such as the mugs), website, social media, and so on.

Mall of America's Old Logo and the New Logo

Mall of America’s Old Logo and the New Logo

Duffy & Partners explain the design on their website:

Duffy’s design redefines the true American star, threading together a place where fashion, entertainment, cuisine, thrills and community intersect. The result is a robust brand language that is fresh and full of energy and optimism. The design is accompanied by a tagline crafted by Duffy, “Always New.”


Duffy & Partner's Brand Language for Mall of America

Duffy & Partner’s Brand Language for Mall of America



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