Master Class: Roger Black

Part of Print’s Master Class Series!

Date: Thursday, May 12
Time: 4:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. PT
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Roger Black

Laying it All Out: How to apply your design to any medium

Every magazine, newspaper and web site shares the problem of getting through to readers and users—past all the clutter and noise of their daily lives. For a number of years, working with magazines like Rolling Stone, for newspapers like The Los Angeles Times and web sites like, Roger Black has been developing answers. But, as the media changes, old answers don’t always work. Simply trying harder doesn’t guarantee success. Culture changes, society is more diverse, the Internet has affected communications everywhere.

Media-centered design projects must start at the beginning—with the basic idea behind the publication or web. Why do people come to it? What do they want out of it? What unique content—text, pictures, community interaction—can make the time they spend spent worth their while, and get them to come back? How does the business proposition connect with this content and this relationship with the audience? Only when you answer these questions can you start thinking about such things as typefaces and photo styles, and whether to do a radical redesign or start in motion a more gradual evolution.

In this Master Class design cast, Roger will show you how to:

  • Think about and execute your design across all delivery platforms;
  • Create a cohesive brand strategy to accompany your design;
  • Successfully plan and execute the launch or redesign of your website, magazines, or newspaper;
  • Think about Typographical, design and art direction consulting for content-based media.

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