Meet a HOW Design Live Speaker: Steve Gordon

It’s a challenge for any creative pro: finding that perfect balance between the work we do and the life we want to lead—and being 100% creative through all of it. Freelance designer and author Steve Gordon plans to tackle that big issue at the Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago, June 22–23. On the Creative Freelancer Blog, Steve recently wrote an article that basically debunks the work/life balance myth. Here’s a snippet of his post; read the full article here.

A constant buzz-word/catchphrase in the professional & career self-help realm is, “work-life balance.” Huh? If we break that phrase down, it’s a bit confusing as to why “work” comes before “life” in that coupling.

Life is the bigger stage, on which work is just a player. By any reckoning, it’s no far stretch to understand that work is simply a part of life. It may seem as if it dominates our daily clock, but even breaking the time down still can’t give the nod to work as something to find balance against.

Let’s talk practical application of time spent; working (8) hours leaves a net of (16) on the “balance” sheet. Very few of us get a full complement of the recommended daily dose of sleep, so we’ll notch out (6) hours—on average—for nap-time. That leaves (10) hours to be deemed as “life time.” Life—for the win.

Learn more about Steve and his presentation at the Creative Freelancers Conference, part of HOW Design Live.