Meet a HOW Speaker: Gail Anderson

We’re very excited to have AIGA medalist, author and influential designer Gail Anderson on the speaker lineup for the HOW Conference. Her session, You Are What You Keep, will dig into designers’ collector (hoarder, maybe?) tendencies and explore how all that visual stuff you gather feeds your work.

Gail’s been tinkering around with lettering and design since she was a kid, even before she realized design could be a profession:

I used to design little Partridge Family and Jackson Five magazines as a child and wondered if there were jobs that let you do that when I grew up. A few years later in high school, I saw a book in the art room called ”Careers for Commercial Artists.” I discovered that in fact, there were jobs for people like me. I could be a commercial artist.

Clearly, she’s a saver, as she offered this response when we asked her about her favorite design tool:

You know, I still have my Schaedler Rule 1987. Of course, no one measures in points and picas anymore, but that’s the only language I speak. And I’ll still pull it out, hunch over a printout, and point out that a line is two points off–to a designer or production artist who looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

We’re hoping that Gail shares some of her saved stuff, like this piece from her high-school days that HOW featured in our My Best Work column.