Meet the Design Ambassadors! (Part 2)

A little while back, we started looking for the next big design bloggers to be our first-ever Design Ambassadors. And we found them! We picked 10 great graphic design bloggers to be our Design Ambassadors, and you can find their links in the right sidebar of this blog. We introduced you to some of the Ambassadors a little while ago, and here are three more of them:

Diego Guevara

  • Blog:
  • Twitter: @theeblog
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Job/work situation: Creative/art director + designer
  • What’s your dream job? I love what I do, so I think I’m living it…
  • No of years designing: Professionally, eight years
  • No. of years blogging: Three years
  • No. of years reading HOW: 12
  • Going to HOW Design Live this year? No, but would LOVE to!
  • If you could meet any designer, living or deceased, who would you most want to have a drink with? Hmm, tough question. But if I could host a group dinner my guest list would definitely include:

 Paul Rand, Saul Bass
, Josef Müller-Brockman, Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Massimo Vignelli
, Doyald Young, Erik Spiekermann, Herb Lubalin
, Paula Scher
, Michael Bierut
, Walter Landor, Matteo Bologna, Hillman Curtis, and of course, my dear friend Debbie Millman!
  • Who would you want to pick a fight with? James Victore, because I know after the fight we would become best friends and do some crazy stuff!

julian rodriguez, creative pile design bloggerrachel wood, creative pile design bloggerCreative Pile (Julian Rodriguez + Rachel Wood)

  • Blog:
  • Twitter handle: @creativepile
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Job/work situation: We have a business doing design + marketing + print services.
  • What’s your dream job? Our dream job is to design and create. There is nothing more satisfying than turning an idea into reality. That’s why we started Creative Pile. We are truly living our dream.
  • No. of years designing: Eight years in design and marketing.
  • No. of years blogging: Six years on everything from art and design to beauty and fashion.
  • No. of years reading HOW: Three years and always getting new ideas.
  • Been to HOW Design Live before? No, we haven’t been to HOW Design Live before, but we would love to go… just gotta get the time.
  • If you could meet any designer, living or deceased, who would you most want to have a drink with? Herb Lubalin. His typefaces speak to us, each with their own distinct personalities—just like us.
  • Who would you want to pick a fight with? Anyone who works in the graphics department at Ed Hardy. Enough said.

amy graver, design bloggerAmy Graver

  • Blog:
  • Twitter handle: @elementsdesign
  • Location: Branford, CT
  • Job/work situation: Owner/creative director
  • What’s your dream job? This is it.
  • No. of years designing: All my life. Professionally, 20+ years
  • No. of years blogging: 5+
  • No. of years reading HOW: 20+ years
  • Been to HOW Design Live before? Did you go this year? Yes. And yes.
  • If you could meet any designer, living or deceased, who would you most want to have a drink with?  I’ve already been lucky enough to meet many of my design idols—Milton Glaser, Louise Fili, Stefan Sagmeister and Michael Bierut, to name a few. I would have loved to have met Paul Rand and Charles & Ray Eames.
  • Who would you want to pick a fight with? I can’t think of anyone I’d like to fight with per se, but it would be fun to be in a room with a group of my design colleagues to discuss hot-button design topics.

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