Midwest Is Best

I had to post about this wonderful icon loving crafted by designer Ryan Clark to celebrate all of the creativity that comes out of the oft overlooked Midwest.

I grew up (and still live in) the rolling cornfields of Southwestern Ohio. We’re not really geographically in the middle, but trust me, Ohio is in the heart of the American Midwest and we have the state slogan to prove it. In a time when The Coasts seem to getting all the love, I am proud to say that I live and work here in the land of friendly neighbors, football, hard work, and cold beer.

If you’re proud to craft your illustrations, websites, typography, lettering or whatever else you make here in the Midwest, feel free to take the badge and add it to your site too. It was to pixel perfection, but size it however you like, and feel free to use it on printed work as well. We like to share here, so have at it!

(If you’re into celebrating regional design, check out our sister mag Print’s Regional Design Annual.)