Mig Reyes Rocks

If you’ve ever heard Mig Reyes speak at a HOW Conference you know how he just exudes contagious enthusiasm. This interview with him on Path.To is no exception. I thought this piece of wisdom was especially important for designers to note:

How do you see the role of the designer changing in the next 3-5 years?

MIG: I think designers will need to become not only acclimated with the technology, but also become deeply invested in it. All of the designers here at 37signals are capable of some basic programming. You have to understand your tools to create meaningful work.

Another skill that sets designers apart is their ability to write. If you can’t communicate through words, why are you trying to communicate through images?

As the world ushers in more great designers, those who can write clearly, communicate well, and tell a story are the ones that stand out.

Mig Reyes

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