Milton Glaser Interview from Good Life Project

The Good Life Project TV, part of a larger project by the same name, is a weekly online show that provides insight into the lives and work of all types of inspiration people. This web show is based around the idea that these guests are “people building deeply-meaningful businesses, bodies of work, movements and careers, as well as world-class experts.” This past week, founder of the Good Life Project and the GLP TV host, Jonathan Fields sat down with Milton Glaser with a 45 minute interview. Together, they discuss Glaser’s career path, approach to work and so on.

Here are a few of Glaser’s responses that you might find intriguing (from about 29 minutes into the interview). When discussing what makes him agree to work on a project, Glaser explains that it’s not just one thing, but a combination of several factors. (Of course, his clarification after this statement just as intriguing as this principal.) He says:

In my book of principles or my 10 principals of work, the first one is: Always work with people you like. And that’s simply, really-simply minded, but fundamentally profound. You can’t, and this isn’t entirely true, always work with people you don’t like.


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 Among other topics, Glaser also discusses the elements he considers before deciding to accept a project. Again, he finds that more than one thing is important:

First thing, if the work is harmful, I don’t do it. … To urge people to do something harmful to them is something that I don’t feel comfortable doing. The other thing is whether there is an opportunity to make anything good out of it rather than fulfilling a task. Professional life is very often antithetical to artistic life. Because in professional life, you basically repeat what you already know, your previous successes. … When you do something that basically is guaranteed to succeed, you’re basically closing the possibility for discover.


If you haven’t had a chance to watch this interview, you’ll want to set aside some time to hear from Glaser. His calming manner and thorough answers are well-worth your time.


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