Eco-friendly MIXT Studio goods at Renwick Gallery Store

Judge me if you will, but when I read about MIXT Studio‘s “eco-friendly” and “Reusable Wine Bag with a Traveling Tag,” the practical part of my brain thought, “I like products that respect the environment and are reusable. That’s pretty neat!” This is followed immediately by the selfish, weekend-minded part that thought, “Who could I give a bottle of wine in hopes that they will invite me to drink said bottle of wine with them?” Maybe you’re a better friend than I am, but I do love giving gifts.

And I think you’ll agree that MIXT Studio‘s eco-friendly gifts are exciting. From growth charts and baby onesies to coasters and gift goods, MIXT Studio gifts conjure up images of summer time and spending time with good friends.

Gift bag example

Reusable Wine Bag with tag

But, the big news is that the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery Store now includes MIXT Studio’s products. The Renwick Gallery features the best craft objects and decorative arts from the 19th century to the present and houses the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s craft and decorative art program. MIXT Studio goods also have a homemade look that speaks to their environmentally friendly origins, which fits in with the other work included at the Renwick Gallery Store. The fact that the fabric-like wine bags are reusable and include a gift tag that has space for “five giving opportunities,” is just downright neat. As MIXT Studio’s website suggests, these could even start a fun exchange between friends.

"Word Play Gift Bands" may be perfect for the word nerd in your life

“Word Play Gift Bands” may be perfect for the word nerd in your life

In 2012, graphic designer Marcie Carson founded MIXT Studios, after spending almost 20 years as Creative Director for her firm, IE Design + Communications. With an environment friendly approach, she set out to create “an eco-friendly line of paper and gift goods that focused on lifestyle as much as it did artistry.” It seems that she was successful, as their goods are made in United States on recycled newsprint and remnant paper stock, and, this is why the products are a “mash-up” of textures, colors and patterns, which is where the name MIXT originated.


If you’re interested in a greener approach to design, Brian Dougherty’s “Green Graphic Design” book explains the concept of “green design” and how to you can do it.

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