Modern Medals

Outside of military service, once you grow up, there are very few opportunities to earn medals or merit badges. But designer and illustrators are working to right that very tragic wrong. Here is a selection of the many example of modern medals you can award to yourself or your friends:

Illustrator James Gulliver Hancock offers a selection of modern medal prints for accomplishments like drinking champagne and staying up all night.


Artist Robert Marbury sells his Brooklyn Badges on etsy, which mostly commemorate unfortunate drinking choices like drunk texting, drunk running and drunk showering.

Another mysterious etsy seller, offers a selection of steampunk merit badges that cover everything from fighting krakens to sporting a vintage stache.

Freelance illustrator Owen Davey took it a step further by designing 33 commemorative plates in honor of everyday events including eating a bacon sandwich, walking the dog and winning first place in the pub quiz.

But the ultimate modern medals can be found in designer Stefan Bucher’s latest book You Deserve a Medal: Honors on the Path to True Love, which catalogs forty of the most important medals awarded in the contemporary romantic quest. Even cooler, you can purchase actual medals to commemorate a broken heart, true love or undeniable sex appeal.