Mondo to Release Saul BASS T-shirts

You may have come across today’s Google Doodle video, honoring the birthday of legendary graphic designer Saul Bass. (And if you haven’t, watch it below.) What you may not have wandering upon is Mondo’s “BASS” T-shirts. And, if you want one, you’ll need act fast as Mondo will announce their release at a random time today via Twitter, and they only have “very limited quantities.”

Mondo's BASS T-shirts in 3 colors

Mondo’s BASS T-shirts in 3 colors


Bass’ caricature fish adorns the front of each T-shirt and his signature is on the back. The T-shirts are officially licensed and available in three colors (black, white and charcoal). Mondo explains on their website that the idea for the BASS shirts came out of viewing hand written notes between Stanley Kubrick and Bass on the original “The Shining” poster at a Kubrick exhibition. Mondo says:

It was very fascinating seeing remnants of their process, as it is similar to what Rob, Mitch and I do here at Mondo pretty much every day. So seeing these two titans going back and forth and getting to see their creative process was great. It’s crazy to think that even someone as legendary as Saul Bass would get art directed… but, as this was obviously a time before computers, Saul and Kubrick would write back and forth through letters. Some of these letters were ALSO included in the exhibit.

And that’s where they saw Bass’s caricature and signature, which spawned their vision for a way to honor the legend’s 93rd birthday.

From his iconic logo design to his prolific, influential work in Hollywood (posters, films, title sequences, and so on), Bass had an enviable career, leaving his mark on modern design. He even gave us a lesson on self-branding with this caricature. Perhaps, a BASS T-shirt is another way to keep design on our minds.



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