Monstrously Creative

Designer, illustrator and friend of HOW Stefan Bucher is a creative powerhouse. So much so, that made a documentary about him.

Meet a truly monster graphic designer, Stefan Bucher. Stefan’s projects range from his Daily Monsters, to the Daily Letter on the PBS television show, The Electric Company, to CD designs for Sting and Whitney Houston, products for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart (featuring canned mammoth chunks), to writing and illustrating his latest book, You Deserve A Medal—Honors on the Path to True Love. Stefan is a prolific artist who is seemingly obsessed with finding impressive new ways to put ink on paper. Follow his journey from his first illustrations for The Donaldist (a magazine dedicated to the exploration of Donald Duck comics), through Art Center College, world-class Portland agency Wieden+Kennedy, Madonna’s Maverick Records, and finally his own company, 344 Design.

Watch the entire movie.