New, Free Ebook about Negotiation Strategies for Designers

Ted Leonhardt has given some great business advice on the HOW blog before, such as 10 Negotiation Strategies for Creatives and How to Negotiate Your First Salary. Well, this business consultant has even more free negotiation advice for designers.

Leonhardt has released an ebook, Nail It. Stories for Designers on Negotiating with Confidence. And you can pick this title for free through iTunes until January 15. After this date, the book price will be only jump to $6 and the title is currently available through Amazon for $6 as well. In other words, you’ll want to get your hands on this guide pronto to learn how to make the entire negotiation process less intimidating and daunting.

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In a conversation I had with Ted, he explained that he wanted the book to be available for educators and for students. This is important to him as he highlights issues and provides advice that he feels many young designers aren’t taught in school but face right away in the professional world. Based upon real world stories, Leonhardt takes a narrative approach in the book – an avenue that is newer for the business-focused writer.

The book sprung out of Leonhardt’s work as a consultant and a talk he gave at the University of Washington to graduating BFA students in 2013 – he realized that many students weren’t aware that they could negotiate salaries. And he loves helping designers realize their full potential.

Through these stories, he aims to make negotiation strategies relatable and show how the tips and advice he provides can be applied to situations. He hopes it helps some students (or young professionals) make the transition from college for the first job, pointing out that chapter 2 “What Am I Worth” is a particularly helpful chapter. Leonhardt will also give a book talk with some hard copies available for sale on February 19 at the Maker House in Seattle.
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