Plant This: New Environmentally Friendly Wrapping Paper

During this time of the year, many people begin to not only put some extra mileage on their credit card but also start wrapping presents. If you’re like me, you think about the environmental costs and start looking for environmentally friendly wrapping paper ideas. One new, exciting option (besides using paper bags and other paper goods) is Eden’s Paper — a wrapping paper you can plant.

This wrapping paper is currently available in five patterns, carrots, tomato, broccoli, chili and onion – and seeds are embedded into the back of the paper, so the recipient can grow that particular veggie. While this may not be the most holiday-inspired way to decorate your gifts, this clever idea turns the wrapping paper into a gift, too.

edens paper 1 Created by BEAF, a company who works with manufacturers to create new brands and products, the idea for Eden’s Paper sprung out of research BEAF completed to help a client find the right solution. The team at BEAF encouraged their client to create their own brand and paper product, and BEAF looked into environmental issues associated with the paper industry.  Nikolas Venios, Innovation Director explains:

Wrapping paper is a very simple product, but every year tonnes of it is thrown away. It’s a real problem. Good design addresses problems and looks to solve them. We solved it in a simple way, by giving back to mother nature instead of taking away from it.

edens paper3 edens paper 2

Venios created all the illustration and has a background in product design and digital design. He explains why environmentally-conscious design is so important:

In the past, built-in obsolescence was something that was an inherent part of the product design brief (if you read between the lines).

Now, it’s the designers responsibility to think about the impact of their new product and the manufacturing process of that product, on the world and its resources. This extends to all forms of design, from print to product to industrial design.

edens paper 5Read more Eden’s Paper on their Kickstarter page. And, you can expect to see fruits, herbs and flowers from Eden’s Paper in the future.


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