New from Pantone

Say you’re working on a hangtag for an apparel line and want to match the ink you choose for the printed tag to the fabric. Or you’re creating a web landing page for a product and want to sync your web color picks with the product’s printed packaging.

You could eyeball it and hope for the best, knowing that color looks different onscreen, on fabric and on paper. Or, there’s this: Pantone‘s new myPANTONE X-Ref, a cross-referencing tool that connects all the company’s color libraries. The free web application is handy, but the real help may be the $1.99 iPhone app (now available in the iTunes Store) so you can spec colors in a client meeting or in a product showroom. X-Ref links RGB, CMYK, solid and HTML colors and lets you view swatches side by side.

The new app is a companion to the myPANTONE tool, which lets designers capture color samples (via an iPhone’s camera) and create and share palettes.

In addition to the app release, Pantone announced today that it’s dropping the price of its Goe system of color specification products; the coated and uncoated versions of the GoeGuide go from $99 to $79, and the full Goe System library goes from $439 to $399.

Posted by Bryn