New Series Spotlights Designers

Are you itching to get the scoop on successful firms churning out jaw-dropping work? Meet Turnstyle, a Seattle-based creative firm boldly embracing style not only in namesake and motto, but also in philosophy.

The company was founded six years ago on the belief that in a crowded marketplace, people gravitate emotionally toward companies and products that project a distinctive style. Turnstyle adds, “Its [style’s] application in the design process is inevitable. We embrace it. We harness its power to cut to the chase. And failing that, we resort to potty humor.”

Click on the image above to read more about Turnstyle and to view a slide show of their work.

This NEW monthly online series shines the spotlight on a design firm or freelance business, and gives you an inside look at the design team, their philosophy and their work.

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