0 thoughts on “New Starbucks Logo: What Say You?

  1. Kenny

    Looks great! Isn’t this what so many companies aspire to? – to be able to remove your company name from your logo and still be recognizable. Plus, they’re so much more than just a coffee shop now… and I think the siren icon still represents their values.

  2. Tess

    The image above with all the logos of Starbucks through time reminds me of an exercise in graphic symbolism of reducing an element to only what is most necessary.

    I do like it, however I prefer to keep typography in play. Interested to see it carried out across all deliverables, etc.

  3. Angela

    I actually like it! Very clean and i love the balance between for the forground and background (light vs dark). I also enjoy it sans coffee name. Seems like the natural next step. Target and apple can go sans name on their logo and i think by this time starbucks should be able to as well.

    Only thing negative I could say is it is almost clean to the point of being cold. The green warms it up a little but it just doesnt have that warm inviting coffee shop kind of feel to it. But maybe thats what they were going for..

    1. Jeff

      The difference with your other two examples is that Target’s mark is a tartget and Apple’s mark is an apple. People keep referring to this as a siren and not a Starbuck.

      1. Claudia Carlson

        It does look cold, clinical. For the cup shown, for instance, It might look “warmer” if the logo was on a tan, light unbleached cardboard color cup, just like Chipotle has on their menus, napkins, etc.. It works great for them because their logo is done in black. It would require an opaque green ink to pull that off I think. $$$ ?

  4. Chris

    As a designer, I like it.

    Still…I think without the type (and/or the other cups in the background) a significant segment of the population would have no idea who’s logo it is.

  5. Simon

    It’s kind of ambitious to leave out the type, but I think everybody knows that combination of white and green all too well. Looks fresh, new, and reduced to what’s important – without loosing character. Me likes!

  6. Liz Wolfe

    NO! They are making a big mistake by getting rid of the typography. I love typography. Starbucks is well know and will be obviously recognized without the font, but it takes away some beauty and elegance that naturally belongs to this iconic coffee shop. No, it won’t affect sales either way, but why take away typography? The image alone just lacks the invitation. People like it. No need for such a drastic update. Oh well…someone talked them into it and they bought it. They thought they needed to change it. LOL!

    1. Penelope

      I disagree. Depending on public reception, it could very well hurt sales. Being a bit “cold” feeling, it’s less relate-able, makes a less personal connection, and cold is not exactly what coffee should be (unless, of course, it’s iced).

    2. Claudia Carlson

      I agree. I have a Chipotle menu in my studio, I can see it right now. They have the same format as the Starbucks logo with type,: icon in the center of the circle, “CHIPOTLE” type within the the top half of the circle, and they have in quite smaller letters “MEXICAN GRILL” within the bottom half of that circle, just like where “COFFEE” is in the Starbucks with type logo.

      What if Starbucks simply kept “STARBUCKS” where it is, then substituted another phrase in place of where “COFFEE” is… and made the type smaller to fit it in that area. They could get rid of those 2 stars to make it more roomy for the type. The phrase could be “COFFEE & TEAS” or something else depending on their expanded business plan. Just a thought.

  7. Rachael

    Part of me really likes this and part of me doesn’t. I am a big fan of simple, but something seems to be missing still. Overall I think its a good change.

  8. Steve Buchheit

    I fell all “Ken Burns” effecty. Like we had one good idea and just kept focusing the camera tighter and tighter. The effectiveness depends on more than just the cup solution and if they can draw new clientele with just the icon. How many people, if they just saw the last cup would think “Starbucks” or “Coffee”?

  9. Mike

    I like logos that can be branded on a cow’s butt; however, they already had that. I think the logo strength was in the green ring and typeface with the stars. You could have put some random vector image in the center and I would have still seen a Starbucks logo. Now without the green ring, the logo has lost its weight. How they market this should be interesting.

  10. Dwayne Cogdill

    I love the siren! She is a beautiful timeless symbol. I’m glad they didn’t mess with her.

    Although, there was nothing wrong with the siren with the type going around. That logo could have lasted another 100 years. ; )

  11. Eddie Garrison

    As others have said on here I too find it incomplete in some ways. Yes we all know the Siren is Starbucks (now) I just feel it is lacking something really with no text at all. I agree with Lisa Loving as well in that the mono-tone colour scheme take away from the richness of what their old logo had.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed back like GAP did.

  12. KRay

    Love the simplicity of it and the evolution of their logo, but I can’t stop thinking its missing something…maybe some type?? Not sure yet…either way, well done! Better move than GAP made last year. 🙂

  13. Lola perez

    I have to say this is the very first time I realize there was a siren in the middle of that logo…i really feel this is a bad attempt at simple….not sure how many people will associate this as e logo of such a big brand…..

  14. Vlad

    The new logo makes it very clear that Starbucks will focus on other areas, not just coffee. I think they learned that coffee industry can’t bring them enough profit so there might be more things like digital content, music, movies, books and special media. There could be another deal with Apple in coming years, only time will tell.

  15. designhappy15

    It seems to be unfinished. Yes, it’s recognizable as a progressive from the Starbucks logo, but without the ring holding it all in place it looks incomplete. I also miss the nice contrast of the black and green.

  16. James

    Surprised (but pleased) that they didn’t change the siren illustration at all. The 2-circle construction of that graphic was always my favorite part. To those who say it’s missing something, remember it will never be seen in isolation: it will be on a coffee cup, a barista apron, a cafe window. It doesn’t need to say “coffee” explicitly. It’s a bold move but Starbucks is big enough to pull it off.

  17. Jen

    It would be ok if it were for a new company – probably some new age health food store – but not for Starbucks. Taking off the typography doesn’t work, I don’t think. It looks unfinished. People recognize the green circle around the Siren that reads Starbucks, not necessarily the image inside of the circle. While I know it’s Starbucks because I go there often, and I notice design, I’m guessing some people will be confused when they see the logo by itself somewhere.

    Or maybe other people just don’t really care or pay attention to the details.

  18. Melissa

    I think the typography really added something, keeping it a little bit like an old fashioned sign or mint. It felt kind of luxury with the name around it. I think taking out the typography kind of cheapens the look for some reason. Dunno…just my opinion.

  19. Jason Roos

    I feel that it’s definitely missing something. I keep looking at it in hopes that it will make sense but it doesn’t.

    Also, when you look at it from a consumers perspective they might not know what it is. When you drive past a Starbucks you notice the green circle not the icon in the center.

  20. David

    Other Twitter redirects were asking what people thought of the ‘Starbucks Redesign’?

    This is not so much a redesign but a haircut.

    The thing Starbucks have to be careful of is that this redesign presumes that the Starbuck imagery is as identifiable around the world as is, say, McDonald’s ‘golden arches’.
    This logo is not.

    Some logos are unmistakeable and have cemented their imagery to the company and company name and yet both elements could be freed of the others hold at anytime.
    McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ has that simple ability to stand alone. The simplicity of the M and its originality is only McDonald’s.

    Without the old Starbucks type, those in the know still realise they are looking at Starbucks’ branding.
    Those not, might think they are looking at the logo of some small time Swedish Sardine Company.

    This stand alone logo fails. A poor presumption of a brands world-wide acknowledgement.
    This brand has lost it’s umblical cord to newer customers.

    If it looks like a maritime logo, smells like a Sardine Company, could it possible be a Coffee Company?


    1. Lisa

      I kinda agree with David. Not really a rebranding at all. I like the mermaid image and yes, people who know Starbucks will probably still recognize it. But I think there should still be typography, even Nike still uses the name even though the swoosh is the ultimate icon that’s been used for decades. They might have done better to come up with a totally new symbol and typeface for a true rebranding.

      The previous iterations do reflect a natural progression but to me this last attempt is kind of silly. Simplification is good but I don’t know how effective taking away the typography will be in this case. It just seems unfinished or like a mistake.

  21. yeh

    Getting rid of type, the new logo makes this company’s business wider. Their products won’t be limited only by COFFEE. They could sell more different products and provide more service. In Taiwan, they also sell chinese tea in Stockbucks store. I like the new look and verify.

  22. Jen

    I’m confused by those saying that Starbucks is more than just coffee. Really? Sure, they have other foods, drinks, merchandise…but their main selling point will always be COFFEE. They’re expanding but people don’t go to Starbucks for a sandwich – at least, not most people.

  23. Nick

    I am not a great designer but it looks cheap, all they wanted to do was to sell other products not just coffee with their logo on it. I think they should have just replaced the coffee text with a third star.

    Their brand logo make a good statement but the new logo has stripped out too much of the brand.

  24. Amanda

    I think it’s a mistake to remove the company name simply because it’s an internationally recognised symbol.

    They simplified it in 1992 – this removed some needless clutter within the image and pulled the character ‘closer’ and thus and was a good thing. Now it seems to me they are simplifying it further for no good reason. To me it has given their identity a ‘cheap’ look as it no longer looks like a long established brand with history.

    If they wanted to represent their more diverse range of products they just needed to change the word coffee.

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  26. Joel Skotak

    I think it looks nice! It should fit better with their branding, as they have begun to use different fonts in their advertising. I agree with other posts, this is what companies aim to happen to their logo – remove their name, yet still be recognizable to a wide audience. Well done!

  27. Kris

    Constantly streamlining to the point of banality; the result is a bland-yet-efficient icon that loses all of its character. As a logo I don’t like it, but it does represent well what Starbucks has become. The textless logo does speak to their global ambitions, but it doesn’t have the visual impact of Nike or McD, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’s received.

  28. RobinCH

    Less is not always more. The previous logo balanced the colours well, and the typographic/graphics elements superbly. The result was a classic of its kind, deep, confident, reassuring. This, I’m afraid, looks like a Year 1 student presentation – lightweight, safe enough to get a pass, no more. And forget about ditching the word Coffee, where has Starbucks gone – back of the cup? If they are thinking of brand extension beyond coffeee the name will still be needed, even more in fact. A step back.

  29. Lindsey

    As a designer I love to see how companies evolve their logos over time. I like that they haven’t introduced any new elements or changed the colors but the fact that they got rid of the name all together was a bad idea. If you think about most of their product packaging and mugs etc. the main image is the word “STARBUCKS.” Customers know that word but don’t always know the image.

  30. becca

    As a designer, I understand the desire for simplicity and the need to be identified by a symbol alone…it means “you made it.” However, this logo seems incomplete and cheesy looking…and for the life of me, I never looked at the image inside the Starbucks circular logo…without the typography (and I’m a Starbucks patron) I wouldn’t know that who’s coffee it was. Hey, I’m observant when I need to be. 🙂

  31. Andi Butler

    From a distance, type or not, there’s no mistaking that circular Starbucks green on white, and in the long run may save them a few bucks on printing without the black. What did people say when it went from brown to green and black? People are talking about it and that’s important. Seems non-patrons recognize the shape and color, even if they don’t know it’s a siren. Starbucks could even market a four mug set with the evolution of their logo.

  32. Mary Ann Cherry

    Starbucks is fairly NEW here in my neck of the woods (Idaho) Their shop is only about two years old…with no type at all, I think people here in the midwest will think they’re a hair care company – or some “green” company.

    It was a stronger logo before. Perhaps they want to get rid of the english lettering because they are branching out into so many other countries.

    Also – people here thought she was a viking woman with “viking horns” – not a two tailed mermaid.
    I think the circle gave it strength which has disappeared. The main feeling I have about the new design was put very aptly by someone else – a company FORMERLY known as starbucks…

  33. Laela S

    Its a recognized symbol but its definitely missing the type to tie it all it. Its a bit of a slap in the face that they think they can leave their logo unfinished and that we should accept it.

  34. Dorothy

    There’s something about the logo with the typography that says “traditional”. Isn’t coffee supposed to have that traditional feeling? It’s warmth and comfort and has been an enjoyed beverage for centuries. I agree with a few people on here that the simplification leaves the logo feeling cold. I mean it’s nice, I still get that it’s Starbucks, but it doesn’t make me think coffee. I feel the same way about the Seattle’s Best logo change : http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_seattles_best_best-er_or_worse.php

  35. Molly

    I agree with everyone who has said that it seems unfinished and cold… and that your morning cup of coffee should have a more personal feel to it. It seems like a lot of companies are feeling the need to modernize their logos, lately… don’t they realize that modernization doesn’t have to mean a minimalist icon with sans serif fonts (or no fonts)?

  36. Jim K

    With the trend going now as “the simpler the better” it fits right in, but by just taking the name off the old logo, I can’t help but think “was that really any work in this change? It isn’t more than the idea to eliminate text.” A new coffee queen or whatever is overdue, with the need to recognize what the logo stands for still recognizable. Since thin is “in” maybe redo her after she lost 15 lbs. or after she got a new hair style.

    I guess my first impression was – Why even change it? Some of these companies structure money into doing things like this when they don’t have a need for it, as part of their budget. The old logo had evolved into a worldwide first class symbol, probably being one of the most recognized, ever.

  37. Jeff

    By simplify the mark down to two familiar elements, the Siren and the Starbucks green, it becomes great solution to communicate that the company is ready new directions and challenges. At the same time, it reassures the audience that it will continue to offer what Starbucks brand is known for.

  38. Fran

    I’ve been trying to figure what bothers me about this redo. And a lot of comments said the same. “Something’s missing.” I think it’s because the typography was considered to be “words,” not shapes. To simplify the design, one thinks right away, “lose the type.” But here the type was much more than just words. The shapes were important to the design, no matter what they said as words. The big, round friendly letters conveyed warmth and fun, like a big mug of something hot. That’s what missing to me. The siren is cool but they’ve taken her out of the pub.

  39. Tania

    At first glass, I did not like it. I was looking for the feeling of completeness. It does not feel solid. Starbucks is a brand that people look for. As you are driving, you look for those green bold type face words because you know that is were you will find that perfect cup of coffee. The dark green circle around the image represents completeness, strength and continued commitment.

    I revisited the image after I read the commits. At second glass, I feel the same. I believe it is a negative move on the companies part to remove their name.

  40. Laura

    The concept of simplifying is nice, and as one post put it, companies aspire to be recognized by their symbol without their name. However, to me the Starbucks logo was a circle with the type in it and the stars, and then there was something in the middle. That something in the middle was never really important to me, the essence of the logo was the outside and the type. With that gone, I am not sure I would remember that this logo is Starbucks.

    I think they went the wrong way. They should have found something that represented what their core values are or what they plan to achieve in the next 10 years, and put a symbol of that in the middle and keep the text.

  41. The Shadow Knows

    There is a very good reason why they dropped Starbuck Coffee and put more emphasis on the Siren. What they haven’t told you is that they are about to launch a new seafood based beverage line. Tuna Tea, Squid Shakes, and Cuttlefish Americano to name a few! Will launch 04/01/2011.

  42. caroline

    As a graphic designer and fully appreciating the fundamentals of a logo and it’s evolution, i have to say I do not like the new starbucks logo. Their name, use of font etc is what worked!
    They removed the strongest aspect – the typography!
    It lacks a certain authority that I associate with the brand.

  43. Zooie

    I’m not really a fan of it myself. It makes marketing sense it simplify the brand, however Starbucks is well known enough that they don’t need to.

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