New Umbra Product Gives T-Shirts New Life

I have never been kind to my clothes. When I like something, I will ultimately wear it to death. Sometimes I try to convince myself that a few tiny holes or tears aren’t visible (they are) or that I will be able to wear a beloved-but-shrunken top once I get back to yoga (and possibly cut off half my torso since it has become a belly shirt and there is not enough elastic in the world to stretch it out). When you are as picky as I am about clothing, you really, really hate to give up a great find. For times like these, I needed the T-Frame from Umbra to give my T-shirt eternal life—while avoiding the embarrassment of looking like a hobo by continuing to wearing it.

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The T-Frame, an ingenious creation from Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra and the 2012 winner of Umbra/Pratt Design Competition, helps ordinary tees become works of art, preserving the treasured memories of college sports championships, concerts or charity events. That sassy “Epic Fail” T-shirt can now adorn your bedroom wall instead of being displayed across your chest. Similar to framing a photo, the shirt is easily finagled around a foam model and into a T-shirt-shaped frame. Once the backing is applied, the tee is ready to be hung and displayed. To get a feel for how it works, watch the video here.

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