New UV Vodka Advertising Focuses on Fun

When it comes to enjoying libations in the 5 o’clock hour (whether in your time zone or someone else’s), some choose beer, others choose wine and I choose flavored vodka. I tend to be a Three Olives gal—primarily for their abundance of tasty flavors, including mango, pomegranate and (a personal favorite) root beer—but a new advertising campaign from UV Vodka has me interested in stepping outside my comfort zone.

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It’s true: Like the average consumer, I am a sucker for clever advertising. If I don’t have an inclination toward a particular product or service, I consider the ad, the branding or the packaging. My one friend goes so far as to insist that the candy with Christmas-themed packaging tastes better than the same sweets adorned in Halloween-themed wrappers. My bias is for advertising that gets me excited about living life (think Caribou Coffee’s “life is short. stay awake for it” slogans), which is exactly what UV Vodka’s new “be UV” campaign is all about. Periscope, the Minneapolis-based advertising firm tasked with creating the campaign, decided to focus the message on a young, unique, colorful lifestyle.

UV_apple_beuv_single page ad











The agency’s creative director, Scott Dahl, describes it by saying:

‘be UV’ is a permission slip to be yourself. It’s both a celebration and a call-to-action that invites people to be bold, unique and bright, just like UV Vodka.

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Slogans like “Live life to the funnest” and “Turn me time into we time” help evoke feelings that reflect the bold celebration of self that Dahl describes. From posters and billboards to a new website (complete with sexy cocktail photography) and an interactive photo sharing tool (where users can upload and edit their pics), UV Vodka dares consumers to be cool, carefree and, most of all, interesting. Time will tell if they accept the challenge, but with fun flavors like sweet green tea and candy bar—and recipes galore—it shouldn’t be hard.

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