New Website Inspires Letterpress Love

From business cards to wedding invites, coasters to menus, letterpress printing can make any ordinary paper product feel fancy. Enter The Beauty of Letterpress (, a new website and digital gallery by Neenah Paper (featuring Crane Papers) that celebrates extraordinary letterpress creations from designers, printers and artisans across the U.S.


Each week, the gallery hosts a new curator and features some of their works. Rohner Letterpress, Studio on Fire, Two Paper dolls and Mama’s are just a few of the big names showcasing letterpress designs, but anyone can submit work to the website via the online form. For those who aren’t familiar with letterpress printing’s rich history, an interactive timeline gets visitors up to speed.


Although the market for letterpress printing may seem to be shrinking in the digital age, Neenah Paper’s senior director of advertising and design, Tom Wright, explains why highlighting these outstanding printed works is so important:

When art or type is pressed into sumptuous paper, it creates a physical impression that simply begs to be touched. We believe the extraordinary, communicative power of letterpress printing and the community of people who make it happen deserve a special place—The Beauty of Letterpress celebrates and honors the modernity of this 500 year old craft.


With the goal of community creation in mind, The Beauty of Letterpress has also created an initiative to preserve the move of Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, an institution that houses the history and assets of the letterpress art since its birth in the 15th century. The Beauty of Letterpress hopes to raise $30,000 to support the museum’s move to 1816 10th Street, Two Rivers, Wisconsin through matching donations and monetary gifts from letterpress practitioners and admirers. Support the cause by donating here.


Get started on your own paper-inspired design work by reading Papercraft.

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