OMG, 2010 Is Going To Rule

In 1972, they were feeling really optimistic about the power of technology to transform our lives. The illustrated children’s book “2010: Living in the Future” details all these innovations (some of which are close to true). Thankfully, this gem has been preserved by writer Daniel Sinker. If nothing else, the Yellow-Submarinesque illustrations by Alastair Anderson are fun to look at.

While you are at school in one room, your parents may be at work in
another. People who do office work do it at home. To keep in close
touch with other people in their office they use the vision phone. The
vision desk is connected to their firm’s computer, which stores all
the office files. With this close contact betwen everybody in the
office, it is easy to work from home.

Wherever people work–in a factory or at home, or whatever else their
job might be–they will work for only three days a week. The rest of the
week they can do what they like. They can play football, learn a
language, or train for a new job.

via Boing Boing (oh how I love thee)

Posted by Megan (whose vision desk is very slow today)