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One of the best things my grandma (Gram, as I called her) ever gave me was a wonderfully long, red, hand-crocheted scarf. Give the lady some yarn, and she could knit magic, turning the spool into colorful slippers or an afghan to keep you toasty in the winter. My other grandmother, who was a wonder in the kitchen, once bought me a dangerously hot pink Flintstone-esque car—one that my six-year-old self could not get enough of. Oh the places (probably a total of eight or nine driveways from my house) I went in that little toy convertible…

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What is the most cherished gift you’ve received from your grandma? Is it a box of oranges from Oakland, CA that arrives on your doorstep each Christmas? Maybe its a red pin cushion or a handwritten note about how to “hasten ripening of avocados.”

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These items are just a sample of the grandma gifts featured in Doubledot‘s Grandma Museum and blog, which celebrates the life and love of grandmothers everywhere. The two digital archives of gifts passed from grandma to grandchild are the design studio’s first project launch. The museum includes more than 100 photographs of things like spoons, “trinkets with loops” and a jar of seashells that Doubledot cofounder Sarah Koik’s grandmother gave to her.

For the last 28 years, my grandmother has given me objects from her life as gifts. These gifts were more than what might be expected from a grandmother, like costume jewelry and family heirlooms. My grandmother gave me her forks, knives, tablecloths and pincushions. She gave me watercolor paper and notes with advice. She organized boxes, labeled them and tied them with homemade string. Over the course of my life my grandmother gave me hers through these gifts. We decided to catalogue these objects to capture a life over two generations, and the broader sentimentality of receiving gifts from a grandmother.

Through the blog, visitors are encouraged to submit images of the things their grandmothers gave to them.

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