OpenBrand Helps Creatives Share Design Work

It happens to everyone: You are on a tight deadline, and technology has decided it hates you. The files won’t zip, the e-mail won’t send and 35 phone calls with the client later, you are worried the design work will be trapped on your computer forever. Even if your experience is slightly less extreme, handing over the deliverables can be a hassle. With OpenBrand Delivery Service & Live Comps, however, the process becomes much more seamless.

Screen-shot-2013-06-11-at-9.41.24-AM-300x265 is a website that allows designers to upload and send work to clients. While the basic program is free and allows you to “up to 5 users and 25 designs or other creative items,” there are low-cost packages for everyone from start-ups to established design firms. Whether you are sending a logo, website or t-shirt design, templates make showing off the finished product easy. Source files are available in one place, and collaboration is easy in the cloud.



To find out more about if this service is right for you and your creative team, watch the video below.

OpenBrand Delivery Service & Live Comps from OpenBrand on Vimeo.


Did you design a logo that puts the Bruce Wayne business card to shame? Consider entering it in the HOW Logo Design Awards. The deadline is July 1, so submit your work today.