Ornaments For Design

New from HOW Books: Von Glitschka’s Flourish Banner Frame

Flourish Banner Frame is a brand new collection of 555 original symbols, floral motifs, border treatments, frills, banners, shields, crests, ornaments, decorative frames, placards and cartouches. Von Glitschka crafted each design element with vector precision so you can use this artwork within the context of your own projects, whether they are personal or professional in nature. The ornaments are on the included DVD, so you can pop the disk in your computer and get started right away.

In addition, anyone who pre-orders or orders the book can email the author a copy of the receipt and receive immediate access to a FREE downloadable bonus set containing an additional 65 ornaments not included on the book’s DVD. To view the bonus set of ornaments and email the author a receipt to receive it, visit the author’s blog.  (If you’ve purchased any of Von Glitschka’s previous books, you can also request the bonus content for them as well.)

Finally, if you don’t have any of Von’s essential design books in your library, you can get a bundle of all three at a 66% discount.