PANTONE Color Puzzles & Yellow Owl’s Little Prints

How do you nurture a  budding designer? Make it colorful and make it aesthetically-pleasing. It may seem like a no-brainer, but these two products – one children’s book and one book for the artistic parent – are energetic ways to get those little synapses going. And to scratch the designer-as-parent itch to create inspiring things for your kid.

PANTONE Color Puzzles
These 6 puzzles comprise the fourth set of PANTONE products for preschoolers and is part of their collaboration with Abrams Appleseed.  PANTONE: Color Puzzles will get those growing minds jumping as the Tad Carpenter‘s art brings the colors to life – think purple robots and a calming blue cityscape.

pantonecolorcardsThis book, according to Abrams Appleseed, will sharpen a kid’s visual acuity and spatial and fine motor skills.  Each of these 6 puzzles challenges children to match single colors all in a similar shade. The illustrated pieces have 4 pieces on the left hand side can be removed and placed into the appropriate space in the right hand side, which contains a quadrant of PANTONE color shades on the right. This set is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. And maybe some older designers who just dig PANTONE and energetic illustrations.

Pantone_ColorPuzzle_TX5 Pantone_ColorPuzzle_TX

Yellow Owl’s Little Prints
So maybe you have some kids in your life that you want to make neat things for – either impressing your own or making your friends look like chumps. The newest book by Christine Schmit, designer behind Yellow Owl Workshop, teachers you how to create personalized toys, decorations and other fun items for kids with tutorials on stenciling, stamping and so on.

yellowprintsWith everything from birthday decorations to baby blankets to an enviable pencil case, these projects will satiate your desire to create some home-made gifts and make you look very artsy in the process. Yellow Owl’s Little Prints: Stamp, Stencil, and Print Projects to Make for Kids is on sale November 12.


More Color Fun

roy-g-biv-cover-big3Do you want a grown-up book about color? But maybe not so grown-up that it’s not fun? Then, be sure to pick up the special bundle offer featuring the new book ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color by Jude Stewart with illustrations by Oliver Munday.