Pantone Plus: Share Your Color Inspirations With The World

Yesterday, Pantone announced the addition of 336 New Colors to its PANTONE PLUS Series (read more), bringing the total to 1,677 colors. The 336 PANTONE color swatches enrich the current PLUS SERIES palette, providing a more comprehensive selection that includes a wider variety of values, saturation and undertones – from subtle pastels and reliable mid-tones to the intensity of deep tones, vivid brights and vital, nuanced neutrals.

Pantone color inspiration

Share Your Color Inspirations

In conjunction with the New Colors announcement, Pantone will kick off a Twitter campaign for designers to their share color inspiration. To participate, followers simply need to take a picture using Instagram, tag it with the #ColorInspires hashtag and Tweet it. Pantone will have a running feed of color inspiration on so designers – both professional and aspiring – can see other #ColorInspires moments.

For more color inspiration, see the winners of the Color in Design Awards (more info)  in the July issue of HOW and the August issue of Print. (Half the winners will be printed in each magazine.)

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