Paperview Graphic Design Makes Vintage Hip

What do you get when you mix “old-world refinement with a smart, urban personality“? The answer is a brand identity Paperview Graphic Design put together for Rococo Gastro Bar in Beirut, Lebanon. In what the design firm describes as “pimped up vintage,” Paperview created a logo, a set of five placemats, business cards, bill holders, numerous ads and more for the fancy-but-fun gastro bar.


On it’s website, Paperview describes the project by saying:

“Great Rococo painters from Jean-Honoré Fragonard to Jean-Antoine Watteau were used as the base of all designs. Modern day and high-tech items were photo edited and placed into scenarios. Decadent yet not pretentious, witty yet not vulgar were our main goals. When we saw the interior design, we knew Rococo would be the perfect name.


One of the most fun ads is actually for Sunday speed dating events and consists of two men and two women from the 18th Century setting around a table with “Hi, my name is” stickers. In another, one gentlemen comments on his formal attire by proclaiming that his mother picked it out. Other ads and placemats refer to iPads, bling and other terms and technologies popularized in the 21st Century. Formal typography adds to the effect. According to Paperview, the branding materials were all printed in CMYK and didn’t require lamination. Everything except the business cards were printed on wood-free paper.



Paperview knew how to build a brand for Rococo and for themselves. If you need a little help with boosting the latter, check out the Build Your Own Brand Live Webinar + Book Combo Special at You won’t regret it!

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