Pass Fail

Designer Tyler Thompson was so disgruntled by the bad design of Delta boarding passes, that he put a lot of thought into how they could be improved and captured his ideas here (Warning: adult language ahead).

I tried to remember my previous trip through John F. Kennedy Airport
and when and why I needed to reference my boarding pass. It seemed like
I first needed to know which flight I was on. I put the gate right next
to this, but made the flight number first because gates tend to change
quite often. Next came my seat which I always look at a few times while
boarding the plane. After that I put the zone, which is how they board
the airplane initially and always seemed like the biggest cf
of people not knowing what zone they were in or how to find it on their

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Posted by Megan

0 thoughts on “Pass Fail

  1. Jeanette Seeholzer

    I’m not one for commenting, but I have to say I really like the design of this ticket. I fly often, and trying to read the ticket for gate, flight, and time information is an art in itself and requires time in learning. I love the fact that the gate number is so clear – you can’t miss it. The single most important information on the ticket. Well done. I’d love to see all the airlines take on this format.