Paul Kwiatkowski’s New Illustrated Book

Nowadays, illustrated books are not just for kids. Take, for example, New York City-based photographer and writer Paul Kwiatkowski‘s latest endeavor, “And Every Day Was Overcast” (Black Balloon Publishing). Set to be released in October, the illustrated novel pairs clear, concise prose with striking photos.

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A coming-of-age story about teens trying to survive their most awkward years in South Florida, “And Every Day Was Overcast” is part scrapbook, part work of art. And it already has garnered some pretty impressive praise from the likes of Ira Glass, who compliments the book for having “a completely original and clearheaded voice,” and Alec Soth, who says Kwiatkowski “not only achieves this rare feat, he does so with an artistry that makes the achievement nearly invisible.” The book was inspired by Kwiatkowski’s experience growing up in the Sunshine State in the ’90s.

The illustrated novel’s release will also be punctuated by events and exhibitions from September through the end of the year. To find out more about “And Every Day Was Overcast,” check out the website and press kit.


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