Pentagram’s New Digital Digs

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the new Pentagram website is an exquisite example of a self-promo site for a creative firm, but its beauty is so subtle and so tied into its navigation that I felt a little surge of delight when I started clicking around.

The homepage is a rigid grid of project thumbnails starting with the newest work and scrolling into the past. However, the page can just as easily be rearranged alphabetically or chronologically from past to present. Another drop down menu allows you to display only certain types of projects, say branding, packaging or websites. The final drop down allows you to see work from specific client industries like performing arts, publishing and healthcare. But that’s just the beginning.

Choose a specific project, and you can see a larger image of the work with a brief description. Still want more? Many projects include a “see more about this project” link that leads to more images and more details.

What’s cool is that using your browser’s back button doesn’t blow the whole thing up. I don’t have the web tech expertise to understand how this works, but it makes a lot of sites that rely on Flash navigation seem clunky.

0 thoughts on “Pentagram’s New Digital Digs

  1. crystal

    i’ve just been on this very website- researching portfolios and blogs of current college brief.
    i completely agree its a joy to navigate around- taking notes of my own first student portfolio.

    i am taking the leap to start my own blog to complement my portfolio.
    any suggestions of both interesting and inspiring portfolios+blogs to look over would be much appreciated?


  2. Mike Jesky

    Excellent job by Pentagram.

    Smartly depicts the growing trend of more and more clients wanting their web sites to look and behave more like iPad applications, which are often more fun and engaging.

    (Looking at the source code you can see the iPad reference.)