Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

Designer, and all around great guy, Bill Keaggy decided to have a little fun one weekend and came up with the Periodic Table of Periodic Tables.

I kept thinking about how fun and clichéd and pervasive the periodic
table framework has become, and I thought, “Hey, there’s no periodic
table of periodic tables.” I Googled it and I was right. So I made one.

So yeah, I wish I had a good web implementation ready, but I don’t. The
zooming Flash version will (soon) make the links clear and easy to
access. Flickr’s notes work fine here but not on the large, readable
versions. Anyway, it’ll be updated at Consider this v 1.0.

The big categories ended up being Foodstuffs, Beverages, Elements,
Noble geeks, Communication, Design gases, Music series, Earth
technologies, Awesomements, Objectments and the Undiscovered.

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