Photo-Lettering Is Back

House Industries just launched a modern reinterpretation of the classic type house Photo-Lettering:

Photo-Lettering Inc. was one of the most successful and longstanding type houses in New York. With the staff of artisans and long list of talented collaborators, Photo-Lettering set an aesthetic standard for display lettering that has been lacking in design since the company closed its doors in 1985 after 57 years in business. House Industries purchased the remaining assets of Photo-Lettering, Inc. in 2003 and we have been working ever since to create a modern digital paradigm that reflects the high standards of the original company.

The new Photo-Lettering site allows designers to set words and headlines in an array of retro type styles and download them as vector-based .pdf files. Single type settings can be purchased for $7 each, while monthly subscriptions start at just $15.